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Walk With Me Impact": "From the Streets to Success: Armand King's Passionate Journey to Transform Youth Mentorship

Armand King, the innovative mind behind Walk With Me Impact, has developed a youth mentoring curriculum that uniquely blends his own personal experiences with cutting-edge mentorship techniques. This approach is specifically designed to bring about transformative changes in the lives of at-risk youth.

Late 90's group photo of Armand King's with 8 of his friends.

A Note From the Program Creator, Armand King

As you delve into the "Walk With Me Impact" (WWMI) curriculum, you're not just reading a guide; you're stepping into a blend of my life's story intertwined with a hands-on mentorship approach. This guide is a fusion of my personal and professional journey, a combination I believe is crucial to effectively mentor a specific group of youth. Traditional methods of education and mentorship have struggled to address escalating issues like drug use, gang violence, and youth incarceration. It's clear that those with direct experience in these areas possess invaluable insights, yet they often lack the platform or resources to make a meaningful impact.

A photo of Armand King with two males while incarcerated

 In 2010, I founded a non-profit organization to help youth and adults embroiled in toxic street activities. With no background in non-profit management or program design, my drive stemmed from a need to break the cycle of incarceration and death plaguing my community. The programs I developed were rooted in my own experiences and what I believed could positively influence people like me. After a decade of implementation, I've seen firsthand what resonates and what falls short, and I've used these organic, unconventional methods to change many lives.

The WWMI curriculum is born from this background. It encapsulates my 41 years as an "at-risk" youth and over a decade in program design, serving similar populations. This curriculum steps away from traditional, data-driven intervention programs, emphasizing practice-based evidence. It aims to collect data over time to demonstrate the effectiveness of these approaches.

Facilitators_Guide_Front Cover

Significant contributions to this curriculum come from individuals with similar backgrounds to the target youth, offering a deep understanding of the pain and solutions needed for healing. Contributors include Jaimee Johnson, a survivor and trainer in human sex trafficking; Bevelyn Bravo, a community leader affected by gun violence; and Tyz’Juan Lewis, a 16-year-old who has personally tested these ideas. They, among many others, have been instrumental in shaping this curriculum.

The curriculum's visual components were crafted by individuals with lived experiences similar to our target audience. Demetrius Harrison, a formerly incarcerated individual, created the cover art, while Donavyn Dove and Vincent Stalcup, both with past gang involvement and incarceration, contributed to the mentorship visuals. The curriculum also benefits from the input of a Clinical Community Psychologist and a human-centered Learning Experience Designer, adding structure and research support while prioritizing the voices of those with firsthand experience.

Photo of group session with youth learning from the Walk With Me Impact Youth Mentoring Curriculum

"Walk With Me" is based on what I would tell my younger self and my best friends, who tragically lost their lives, during different stages of our lives. It's about the essential conversations many at-risk youths need but often lack. This curriculum is a tool to facilitate those discussions.

If you're seeking a traditional, data-driven approach to mentorship, this curriculum might not align with your expectations. However, for those open to innovative, life-saving strategies, "Walk With Me Impact" is an invaluable guide. It's more than just a program; it’s a movement to make a lasting impact on the lives of at-risk youth.


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