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Partners in Impact

We acknowledge that our community endeavors thrive through the invaluable contributions of our supporters. This page is dedicated to showcasing the incredible individuals and entities that bolster Walk With Me Impact. Your unwavering support is deeply appreciated, and we are truly honored by your ongoing commitment.


David P. Shapiro, Esq. 

In 2004, David P. Shapiro, Esq., faced the criminal justice system, gaining a deep understanding of the challenges individuals encounter when accused. As founder of the Law Office of David P. Shapiro, he leads a team dedicated to helping people navigate criminal charges and contributes legal insights to the book "Lessons & Suggestions" on issues like law enforcement interactions. Committed to community impact, the firm produces educational YouTube videos offering guidance on protecting oneself in potentially criminal situations. David's multifaceted contributions showcase a commitment to legal excellence and community education, leaving a lasting impact in San Diego and beyond.

Dr. Leonard J. Thompson III

Dr. Leonard J. Thompson III

Dr. Leonard J. Thompson III has played a pivotal role in offering valuable program advice, significantly contributing to the burgeoning success of Walk With Me Impact and establishing it as a formidable asset within the community. Serving as our fiscal sponsor, we express our profound gratitude for Dr. Thompson's unwavering support, as well as the dedication of his staff.

A distinguished educator, advocate, and consultant, Dr. Leonard J. Thompson III brings over 39 years of expertise to the table. As a Regent & Chancellor Academic Scholar at UC Berkeley, holding a BA from SDSU and a Masters from Point Loma Nazarene, he has earned recognition for his mentorship of teachers, youth, and his role as a business consultant. His commitment is further demonstrated through the founding of Mandate Project Impact, Inc., aimed at training underrepresented youth for the entertainment industry.

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