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The Invaluable Role of Lived Experience Experts in Transforming Lives

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

🚀 Discover the Transformational Power of Lived Experience Experts in Youth Advocacy! 🌟 Uncover the untold potential of individuals who have triumphed over adversity and toxic environments. In our latest article, we delve deep into the incredible value Lived Experience Experts bring to the realm of youth advocacy. These real-life mentors not only share their journeys of recovery but also provide invaluable guidance and mentorship to at-risk youth. Learn how organizations can harness this transformative force and why it's crucial for youth advocacy programs. Don't miss out on this inspiring read that's reshaping the landscape of mentorship and advocacy. #YouthAdvocacy #LivedExperienceExperts #TransformingLives

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As someone who has journeyed through the treacherous waters of toxic lifestyles and adverse childhood experiences, I have come to realize the immeasurable value that lived experience experts bring to the table, particularly when it comes to organizations dedicated to helping at-risk youth and vulnerable populations. Allow me to shed some light on this perspective and the significance of having these experts as mentors and advocates.

Imagine a young soul battling the grip of addiction, desperately seeking a lifeline to guide them toward recovery. Now, envision having someone by their side who has walked that very path and emerged victorious. The connection formed with a fellow traveler who understands the struggles through firsthand experience is nothing short of priceless. Lived experience experts, who have conquered their own addictions, have a unique ability to relate, empathize, and inspire like no one else can.

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Similarly, consider a youth on the verge of being ensnared by the clutches of a life filled with crime and incarceration. Having a mentor who has personally triumphed over such a fate can be a beacon of hope and a compelling force for change. These mentors can utilize their life stories as cautionary tales, vividly illustrating the consequences of the choices the young individual is about to make.

To those organizations contemplating the inclusion of lived experience experts in their teams, I offer a word of encouragement: never let the scarcity of such individuals deter you from doing this crucial work. The need for youth advocacy and mentorship is immense, and it would be a disservice to our communities if we allowed this need to go unmet due to a shortage of experts from lived experience backgrounds.

White male and white woman meeting with a group of predominately white students

However, the selection process should be thorough and thoughtful. Mere past affiliations with gangs, the foster care system, or the justice system should not be the sole criteria for qualification. Instead, vet these individuals rigorously. Seek recommendations from other organizations and community-based groups working with similar populations. Collaborate with community leaders renowned for their positive impact in this realm.

Furthermore, consider offering part-time or volunteer positions to test the waters. Gauge their compatibility with your organization before entrusting them with substantial responsibilities. Remember, finding the right fit may require patience, but it's an investment that pays off immeasurably in the long run.

It is essential to recognize that individuals from lived experience backgrounds may still be on their own journey of recovery and healing. They may carry the scars of their past and the burden of unresolved trauma. As responsible stewards of their growth, consider providing access to training and educational opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Once you've found a lived experience expert who aligns with your organization's mission and is excelling in their role, do not underestimate their worth. Compensate them not just fairly, but generously. Consider remunerating them at a level commensurate with industry experts, for that is precisely what they are. These experts bring a unique perspective and a wealth of insight, which should be recognized and rewarded accordingly.

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I'm pleased to note that the tide is turning, and I see more grants and contracts acknowledging the significance of placing lived experience experts in prominent positions within organizations. Let us not overlook the incredible contributions of these experts. They are the embodiment of resilience, strength, and transformation, and they deserve our unwavering support and elevation.

In the grand tapestry of change and progress, lived experience experts are the threads that hold together the fabric of transformation. Protect and elevate them, for they are the true experts, the torchbearers of hope and inspiration for those in need.

The Walk With Me Impact Youth Mentoring Curriculum Facilitator Guide provides invaluable insights and practical instructions for organizations interested in hiring and developing Lived Experience Experts. This comprehensive resource offers helpful hints, strategies, and best practices for identifying, vetting, and nurturing experts with lived experience backgrounds. It serves as a guiding light, ensuring that organizations can harness the transformative power of these experts effectively, ultimately enhancing the impact of their youth mentoring programs.


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