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Introducing our Youth Mentoring Curriculum

Welcome to our transformative youth mentoring experience with our thoughtfully crafted curriculum packages, available in three standard tiers, each offering a unique journey toward mentoring growth. Our team is prepared to work with you to determine the curriculum package that best aligns with your goals and values. To identify the best package for you schedule a consultation.

For those seeking flexibility, individual curriculum books are also available for purchase. Whether you choose a comprehensive package or individual books, invest in the future of mentoring, empower mentors, inspire mentees, and make a lasting impact on the lives of youth.

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Walk With Me Impact: Facilitator’s Guide

The Walk With Me Impact Facilitator's Guide is an essential resource for mentors seeking to improve their skills in supporting at-risk youth. It covers crucial topics such as handling loss, identifying issues that may arise during mentorship, and self-care, while also providing insight into working with families and ensuring staff safety. The guide is based on the firsthand experience of those who have mentored high-needs youth and offers practical strategies and ideas for better mentorship. Seeking guidance from experts in the field can help mentors maintain their own well-being while providing support to their mentees.

Walk With Me Impact: Core Directions 

An animated short-chapter book that introduces topics like belief in self, respect for others, toxic masculinity, media and money distractions, and healthy relationships, and invites initial exploration and discovery into these topics the youth are/will be experiencing. These chapters will be read in session and complemented by restorative practice circle discussions with mentors.

WWMI Core Directions book cover
WWMI Choose Your Path book cover

Walk With Me Impact: Choose-Your-Path 

A series of short-stories that collectively introduce real-life scenarios of the main character Rence and his friends, all of whom live in a world like that of the youth. These stories are programmatically structured in a way that invites the youth to leave each session curious about which decision Rence chooses and then return to the program ready to learn about what happened, only to be exposed to yet another decision to be made.

Supplementary Tools for Enhanced Youth Guide Book Experience

Visual Aids

A series of videos that the youth will process inside or outside of in-person sessions. These videos were developed in partnership with lived-experience experts who speak directly to the challenges, choices, and consequences associated with lives like that of the youth in the program. Visual Aids are intended to be used in conjunction with Core Directions Youth Guide Book 1 for optimal effectiveness.

Audio Missions

This artifact is a collection of audio tracks that will be used to complement the in-person mentoring sessions. These tracks have been specifically designed to use music as a tool to engage and educate the youth, conveying the lessons from the stories they have read as part of the program. The goal is to use music as a "Trojan horse" to make the learning experience more relatable and accessible to the youth. Audio Missions are intended to be used in conjunction with Choose Your Path: Youth Guide Book 2 for optimal effectiveness.

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