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Stop Fentanyl Parent & School Guide

Introducing our comprehensive guidebook, designed to educate parents, youth advocates, and school staff on the dangers of the Fentanyl crisis and provide valuable tools for prevention and intervention. In this guidebook, you will find valuable information on the nature of Fentanyl, its effects on the body, and how it is impacting communities across the nation. Receive a FREE pdf when you subscribe to our newsletter here.


Lessons & Suggestions

Is a powerful and timely book aimed at mentoring youth away from the dangerous and toxic traps of gangs, drugs, human sex trafficking, and guns. This book delivers a straightforward message that is essential for young people to hear in today's world. Parents can easily get this critical information to their young men, providing them with the tools they need to make informed decisions and avoid the dangers that can derail their lives. This is a must-read for any young person looking to navigate the challenges of growing up and achieving their dreams.

Raised in Pimp City book cover

Raised in Pimp City

Unveiling the untold story of young men and human trafficking. In the fight against trafficking, we must address all angles of the problem. Incarceration has not solved America's issues. It's time to shift our focus towards prevention and education. Educating young men about awareness, prevention, and intervention to stop them from becoming traffickers, was born out of this necessity. This book presents a deeper understanding of the mind-frame and make-up of those involved in human trafficking. 

Supplementary Training Services

Our supplementary services are designed to enrich your educational programs, elevating their effectiveness. We tackle critical topics, including raising awareness about Fentanyl, combating human sex trafficking, preventing gun violence, mitigating gang involvement, and addressing substance abuse.

WWMI Curriculum Facilitation Training

Enhance your course facilitation skills within the WWMI program, ensuring effective and engaging educational experiences.

Restorative Practice Circle Facilitation

Trauma-Informed Care

Learn to lead restorative circles, fostering open communication and conflict resolution within educational settings.

Equip educators with insights into providing trauma-informed care to support individuals in their educational journey.

Gang Prevention & Intervention

Working with At-risk Youth

Develop strategies and knowledge to reduce gang-related violence and create safer learning environments.

Gain the expertise needed to effectively engage and support at-risk youth within educational contexts.

Working with Incarcerated & Reentry 

Understand how to provide educational guidance and support for those involved in the criminal justice system and their reentry into education.

Coping with the Loss of Friends (Grieving)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Human Sex Trafficking Prevention

Provide support for individuals dealing with grief and loss within the educational context.

Introduce cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques to support mental health within educational programs.

Equip educators with tools and knowledge to prevent human sex trafficking and support vulnerable individuals.

Understanding Yourself as a Mentor

Personal Safety & Violence De-escalation

Lived Experience Youth Consultant Training

Enhance your mentorship skills and personal growth, which, in turn, enriches the educational experience for those you serve.

Enhance your ability to stay safe and effectively deescalate potentially violent situations.

Enable individuals with lived experiences to become effective educational consultants, enriching programs with their unique perspectives.

Parenting Excellence

(ACEs) Adverse Childhood Experiences 

Drug Prevention & Awareness

Elevate your parenting skills and knowledge to create a supportive and enriching educational environment for children.   

  • Fatherhood Excellence: Focus on strengthening father-child relationships and positive parenting practices.

  • Motherhood Excellence:  Embrace effective strategies and insights for being an excellent mother and caregiver.

  • Grandparents as Guardians: Gain knowledge and support for grandparents taking on the role of guardians for their grandchildren.

Explore the impact of adverse childhood experiences on individuals and communities, and learn ways to mitigate their effects.

Integrate drug prevention and awareness into your educational programs to create a safe and informed learning environment.

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