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Preventing Young Boys from Becoming Traffickers: A Parent's Guide

Protecting Our Sons: Preventing Pimping in Our Communities: Parents, let's talk about a serious issue that demands our attention - the risk of our young boys falling into a life of pimping and human sex trafficking. In a world dominated by media, peer influences, and societal pressures, the stakes have never been higher. But as parents, we hold the power to guide our sons in the right direction. In a compelling new article, we'll delve into practical strategies and vital insights on how to safeguard our young men, educating them about the harsh realities and dangers of these toxic lifestyles. Join us in this crucial conversation to equip ourselves and our sons with the knowledge and guidance needed to make the right choices.

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Despite numerous attempts to find resources and programs aimed at preventing young men from becoming pimps or helping them exit such a toxic lifestyle, the reality is disheartening. A simple Google search yields few, if any, viable options. It's as if the support network for these young men is invisible, with any available resources hidden beneath layers of obscurity and difficulty to access.

This scarcity of assistance underscores the urgent need for comprehensive educational programs and interventions designed to steer young men away from the path of human sex trafficking. It's a critical issue that cannot be ignored any longer, and a wake-up call for society to address the absence of accessible guidance and support for those vulnerable to the clutches of this insidious industry.

In a world where our youth are increasingly exposed to the harsh realities of human sex trafficking, it's essential for parents to initiate the conversation about this critical issue. Since 2014, I've delved into this topic through numerous interviews, studies, and my podcast "Raised In Pimp City," which produced over 100 episodes. Parents often ask, "What would you say to a young man to prevent them from becoming a trafficker?" Here are my insights on how to approach this crucial conversation and protect your children.

1. Get to them before the world does: Initiate conversations about human trafficking before societal influences take over. Don't leave their education about this issue to the streets. Take control of their knowledge and exposure.

2. Media's impact: Movies, documentaries, and various forms of media can subtly promote misogynistic behaviors and attitudes towards power and domination. Ensure your children understand the negative impacts of such portrayals.

3. Music's influence: Music, a powerful source of information, often contains negative messages, particularly regarding women's objectification and commodification. Monitor the music your children listen to and educate them about its consequences.

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4. Influence of friends: Teach your children about the influence of their peers. Even if they brush you off, continue educating them on recognizing true friends from those who aren't genuinely looking out for their best interests.

5. Girls' involvement: In today's world, it's not uncommon for young girls to turn their boyfriends and male friends into pimps. Inform your young men to resist peer pressure from girls, even those they may have feelings for.

6. Age-appropriate conversations: Tailor your discussions to your child's age level without sugar-coating the truth. Cover crucial topics like poverty, positive relationships, and the potential consequences of engaging in human sex trafficking.

7. Teaching Core Directions: Lay the foundation for your children with core values that guide their actions, such as believing in themselves, respecting all genders, fostering positive relationships, and understanding the nuances of poverty.

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8. The Truth About Dangers and Consequences: Encourage an open dialogue about the real dangers associated with human sex trafficking. Help them comprehend the gravity of these actions, both personally and legally. Give them a clear picture of the life-altering consequences that could follow.


Empowering our youth with knowledge, respect for all genders, and a strong sense of self-worth is key to steering them away from the dangers and harsh consequences of human sex trafficking. Let's engage in open conversations and equip our children to make informed choices.

By addressing these vital points with your children from an early age and maintaining open and honest communication, you equip them with the knowledge, values, and self-esteem they need to resist the allure of being involved in human trafficking. Informed and empowered, our youth can make choices that lead to positive futures and steer clear of the devastating consequences of involvement in this dangerous industry.

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