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A Heartfelt Thanks: "Planting Seeds" Kickstarter Success and What’s Next

We've planted the seeds of change and thanks to you, they're thriving! Celebrate the smashing success of our 'Planting Seeds' Kickstarter campaign, which soared past its goals to empower youth with crucial life lessons. Discover the journey ahead—from artistic creation to impactful education—and how you can continue to be part of this transformative movement.

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Celebrating a Milestone in Youth Mentorship

We are thrilled to announce the resounding success of Walk With Me Impact Kickstarter campaign for the "Planting Seeds" mentoring coloring book, a project aimed at empowering youth with early awareness and prevention strategies against toxic lifestyles such as gun violence, gangs, and negative peer pressure. Thanks to the generous contributions of 55 backers, we not only reached but exceeded our funding goal, raising a total of $5,782—$782 more than we aimed for.

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Gratitude to Our Community

This achievement is not just a testament to the potential of the "Planting Seeds" project but also a reflection of the incredible support and faith our community has in our mission. Every dollar contributed reinforces our commitment to providing young individuals with the tools they need to navigate life’s challenges effectively.

The extra funds will be instrumental in enhancing the quality and reach of the coloring book, ensuring that we deliver a product that truly resonates with and impacts the children it is designed to serve. We are deeply grateful to each of our backers whose contributions have turned this vision into an achievable reality.

The Journey Ahead: Completion and Enhancement

With the successful funding secured, our team is excited to move forward with the next phases of the project. The immediate steps include:

  1. Formatting and Editing: Ensuring that the content is not only informative but also engaging and accessible for our young audience. This process is crucial in refining the messaging to ensure clarity and impact.

  2. Feedback from Focus Groups: The coloring book will undergo a review process involving parent and youth focus groups. This step is essential to garner feedback directly from the target audience, enabling us to make necessary adjustments that enhance the educational value of the book.

  3. Artistic Touch: The cover of the coloring book will feature hand-painted art by the talented Demetrius Harrison, who has previously lent his artistic skills to the covers of the "Walk With Me Impact Curriculum" and the "Raised In Pimp City" books. His involvement promises to add a unique and appealing aesthetic that will captivate and inspire our young readers.

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Anticipating the Impact

The "Planting Seeds" mentoring coloring book is more than just a collection of pages; it's a proactive approach to mentorship and education. By introducing important concepts through engaging artistic mediums, we aim to foster resilience, inspire positive decision-making, and provide the youth with the knowledge to avoid hazardous behaviors.

Join Us in This Ongoing Journey

As we progress with the production of the "Planting Seeds" coloring book, we invite our community to stay connected and engaged. The insights and support from our backers and future participants will continue to be invaluable as we refine this tool to ensure it serves its purpose effectively.

We look forward to the continued journey of making a significant difference in the lives of young individuals and are eager to bring the "Planting Seeds" coloring book to completion and into the hands of those who can benefit most from it.

Thank You Once Again

Your support is not just a contribution but a legacy that will help shape healthier, safer communities. Together, we are planting seeds of change that will grow into a forest of hope and positive outcomes for our future generations.

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