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Presentation Testimonials 

Emelyn Cortes- 8th Grade Teacher

“The presentation connected with students, and they were highly engaged and participated by asking and answering questions. They were really focused on the presentation and the content delivered.”

Sandra Fitzgerald- 7th Grade Humanities Teacher, KAPA

“I loved the energy from both presenters. The slides helped our visual learners not just hear the message but see it too. I appreciated the connection to a real person affected by fentanyl. This hopefully made the information relatable and real.”

Jamaela - County Board of Supervisors Office

“I thought the information and presentation was well organized. Having folks with lived experience delivering the information made it more impactful.”

Tinicia Smith, Physical Education Teacher

“I liked the truth and relatability of the presentation. This presentation was necessary and eye opening.”

Marilou Shelledy, School Psychologist

“I think a small group presentation is best (at least for our target students). It's more personal and I liked how the students were more engaged. I think classroom presentations to educate students would be great too. Presenters were able to deal with the behaviors in such a way that the students did not feel picked on. Some may not have fully participated in the dialogue, but I know they were listening. The visuals in the PowerPoint presentation were great. Simple and to the point. “

Roxanne Cowperthwaite - School Leader

“The presentation was very engaging.”
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